STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: How to Align the Organisation with its Current and Future Environment (2nd edition)

Strategic Alignment tackles the issue of successful organisation development as it should be – head on. Most organisations spend significant amounts of time and money strategising for the future and planning cultural change programs. But much of this is wasted because the key managers fail to recognise how to align the strategy with the culture or leadership style. As a consequence, the organisation fails to perform or to deliver on its strategy.

Dr Norman Chorn uses creative organisational archetypes to describe and classify markets, strategies, culture and leadership – so that the organisation can be aligned and achieve its goals.

This is the second edition of this popular book, and it:

✓ Includes diagnostics and templates to help managers and business owners define their markets, strategies, cultures and leadership styles
✓ Provides a practical way to plan strategically by aligning the organisation’s “reason for being” and strategy with the “logic of the market”
✓ Is a guide and business coach for any manager and business owner looking to improve and grow their business.

Norman Chorn is a successful consultant, businessman 
and teacher who works in Australia, NZ, UK and South Africa. He is currently the Director of the Centre for Strategy Development in Sydney. He also holds part-time posts with several leading Graduate Schools of Business, including Macquarie University and the Universities of Pretoria and Witwatersrand.

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